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Vertical Gardens & Green Walls


Vertical gardens have become the talk of the town in recent times and Luwasa Indoor Plant Hire are proud to offer our Vertical Garden System that can create an awesome looking "Green Wall" to bring your office alive!  We can customise the Vertical Garden  to any size or shape you require and offer multiple finishes such as the raw metal look and painted enamel to any color that is required.  

We can also use many different types of pots to create that exact finish that you are looking for, to finish it off we will offer our superior indoor plant hire and maintainence service to ensure that your Vertical wall is looking its very best into the future!  All this can be achieved at a very economical price as well!  Why not give us a call today and enjoy the Luwasa Vertical Wall Experience

Vertical Garden


Artificial Vertical Walls


There are at times circumstances that prevent the installation of real plants on the wall, we also offer premium real life like artificial vertical walls that we custom make on easy to install latices that will instantly make a big impact to the space! 

We generally also include real plants close to the proximity of the artificial walls that enhances the "real plants" effect of the wall.  Below are a couple of examples of this.