Indoor Plant Hire

Indoor Plant Hire

Sansevieria - Indoor Plant Hire

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Examples of Plant Hire Melbourne in a corporate client's office in the Melbourne and City Area.


Luwasa uses live plants, trees, and flowers to enhance your decor, to clean the air of pollutants such as smoke, and to provide a feeling of warmth. Plants and appropriate containers are used in conjunction with existing furniture and art work to give your building, corporate office, or home that "finished look". 

Luwasa specialises in indoor plant hire Melbourne and Office Plants Hire Melbourne

We provide fully maintained outdoor and indoor plant hire services in Melbourne for:

  • Corporate Offices of any size
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Showrooms
  • Hospitals
  • Schools & Childcare Centres
  • Conferences & Corporate events
  • Banquets
  • Special Occasions


Long Term Plant Maintenance Services


Long Term Plant Maintenance Services


Long Term Plant



Example of indoor plant Hire in a client's corporate office in Burwood and Docklands(CBD)


With our indoor plant hire and maintenance service in Melbourne you receive a weekly or fortnightly visit from our friendly staff members. They will ensure that your plant displays are always looking sensational.  We know how to make your premises look refreshing and vibrant!

Here is what we offer -

  • We provide complete design & consultancy services at no extra charge 
  • We water and fertilize the indoor plants
  • We dust the indoor plants
  • We remove all of the spent foliage
  • We replace any failing indoor plants at  no charge to maintain high standards
  • We ensure the premises are left in a clean and tidy state after each service
  • We cleaned planter pots of all scuff marks
  • We promptly relocate our indoor plants within area upon request
  • We don't tie you down to any contacts! You may cancel at any given time
  • We promptly respond to any problems you may have within 24 hours

We offer a wide range of modern and classic Pots and Containers to suit all your decorative needs. Please view our gallery to get an insight on what we are about! 



Event Plant Hire Melbourne / Short Term Plant Hire Melbourne


We also offer event plant hire and short term plant hire for events, exhibitions, corporate events, trade shows and conferences.  We have a wide range of pots and plants to choose from and have had extensive experience in organising and dressing up events and functions with plants!


 Event Plant Hire Melbourne  Event Plant Hire  




CBD Plant Hire & Plant Hire Melbourne Examples





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