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Luwasa specialises in indoor plant hire Melbourne


Below are some examples of our current work in Hotels, Shopping Centres, corporate offices and show rooms



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Cluster of Boat Planters

Cluster of Urn Planters

Fiberglass Slimline Trough

Cluster of desk top plants


Dracaena in Timber Planter Boxes

Partition Planters

Ficus Benjamina in Concrete Pot

Vertical Devil's Ivy Wall

Lady Palms in Reception

Hanging Basket in Office

Tropical Mass Planting - Display Home

Random Zig Zag Planting

Dragon Plant in Red Wedge

Kentia Palm in Stainless Pot

Joinery Mix Planting

Cascading Plants on Shelves

Multi Planted Devil's Ivy

Sansevieria Moon Shine in Storage Planters

Happy Plants Planters On Stage

Mass Random Planting

Kentia Palms

Happy Plants in Wedge

Birds of Paradise (Planter Boxes)

Sansevieria In Designer White Urn


Silver Queen in Planter Boxes

Kentia Palm in Reception Area

Mass Planting in Shopping Centre

Sansevierias in Tambour Units

Sansevieria in Table Top Planter

Red Wedge used outdoors

Joinery Mix Planting

Joinery Mix Planting